TechBUZZ Spring 2014 Keynote Speakers

Please Join MAVA in Welcoming Our Keynote Speakers to the
TechBUZZ Stage! 

Timothy Chi
Co-Founder & CEO, WeddingWire

Timothy founded WeddingWire after planning his wedding. As a groom, he experienced first hand how difficult it was to execute on the wedding plans. As a technologist, he couldn't find an online resource that would help him plan more efficiently. Together with his cofounders, Jeff, Lee, and Sonny, they threw 4 desks into his empty living room in Chevy Chase, Maryland and WeddingWire was born. They set out to utilize their collective experience in technology to build a technology company that would revolutionize the wedding and event industry. Previously, Timothy co-founded Blackboard Inc in 1998. While at Blackboard, Timothy pioneered many of Blackboard's product and strategic initiatives, helping the company grow to over 600 employees and a valuation of over $750 Million. Timothy holds a B.S. degree in Operations Research/Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and a Master's of Science degree in Engineering Management from Tufts University. Tim is a member of the Young Professionals Organization in Washington, D.C.

Sundeep Sanghavi
Co-Founder and CEO, DataRPM

Sundeep is a highly accomplished Technologist, Innovator and an Entrepreneur with a proven track record of successful startup companies. He is highly skilled in Strategic Planning, Sales, Product Management and Product Development with an addiction to developing disruptive technology to increase customer's profit margins. His unique ability to manage both the technical and sales aspect of a business has allowed him to recruit and lead key management and technical teams to create and execute his vision. Prior to Starting DataRPM, Mr. Sanghavi founded Razorsight, where he led the company's efforts to deliver innovative solutions to the Global Communications Providers, and become a leading provider of Analytics and Business Intelligence. Razorsight is a market leader with its innovative cloud solutions. The company has experienced eleven consecutive years of growth, and has raised more than $30 million in venture capital.