March 25, 2014, 1:00-7:30pm
Bethesda Blues Jazz and Supper Club
7719 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

On March 25th, MAVA shined the spotlight on 20 of the hottest up-and-coming early stage technology companies in the Mid-Atlantic at the historic Bethesda Blues and Jazz Club. TechBUZZ Spring 2014 featured an opening keynote kickoff by WeddingWire CEO and local entrepreneurial rockstar Timothy Chi and concluded with a closing keynote by TechBUZZ Alumni, Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO and Co-Founder of DataRPM, who had just recently closed a $5.1M Series A one year after his moment on the TechBUZZ Stage in March 2013. The audience of entrepreneurs, company-builders and active investors heard "real-time" feedback from the diverse Investor Feedback Panels as they responded to the 20 rapid-fire company presentations and share insights valuable for everyone involved in growing innovative technology companies.

Building on the great momentum created by last year's TechBUZZ companies and sharing the lessons that foster entrepreneurship, innovation and growth, TechBUZZ Spring 2014 brought the best of the region's tech scene to company builders across all stages of growth!

Highlights from TechBUZZ Spring 2013: 

See What the BUZZ is All About:

"When it's your first time raising money, the process can get overwhelming. TechBUZZ Georgetown gave us the perfect stage to get started and get our name out there. The quality of the crowd is one of the best, if not the best, I've seen at a pitch event, and many investors we met at the event eventually funded us. It's one of those events you should really want to prepare for and make the most of, because you can expect a lot of doors to open." 

James Li, CEO, Encore TechBUZZ Georgetown, September 2013

"TechBUZZ is an amazing platform for launching your startup and a fundraising process. I highly recommend that all startups apply to present and put in serious time preparing your pitch."

John Bracken,
 CEO and Co-Founder,Speek.com
TechBUZZ Spring,  May 2012

"Results matter and TechBUZZ delivered the best results. We earned more funding for our business from the group at TechBUZZ than any other audience. The event was exceptionally well-organized, full of substance and outstanding people. Any entrepreneur will get a ton of value from it."

Dave Aidekman, CEO, The Trip Tribe
TechBUZZ Georgetown, September 2013

"Presenting at TechBUZZ helped put us on the map as a start-up to watch. It also opened doors for us to meet dozens of potential investors and provided a platform to inform hundreds of attendees about our start-up, SameGrain."

Anne Balduzzi, Founder, SameGrain
TechBUZZ Georgetown, September 2013

"TechBUZZ was a great opportunity to showcase our new company. We met quite a few potential investors and others who could help provide guidance. The process is also great in that it really forces you to hone your message. At first, 4 minutes seems just way too short but at the end of the day if you can't get an investor interested in that amount of time you are probably not going to be successfull anyway. I used to think this type of process was crazy but I now see how it is a great way to showcase up and coming companies. Unfortunately, for Facility3D we later learned more about the marketplace and realized we didn't have the opportunity that we thought. Already working on the next business though and hope to present this new company at an upcoming TechBUZZ."

John Estrada, Founding Partner, Dering & Estrada
TechBUZZ Georgetown, September 2013

Why attend TechBUZZ?
  • Meet early-stage investors
  • Raise your company's profile
  • Network with VC for future fundraising
  • Improve your pitch to investors
  • Hear about the latest new ideas, technologies and business models
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Make valuable tech sector business connections
Who attends TechBUZZ?
  • Angel investors
  • VC investors
  • Seasoned professional advisors from the startup ecosystems
  • Company Builders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs…  You!
What is TechBUZZ?

Over the past few years, the Mid-Atlantic region has emerged as the birthplace of some of the hottest ideas, game-changing innovations and applications of cutting-edge technologies in the United States. Whether these ideas are developed by design or by trial and error, they are being invented, created and developed in our area.

TechBUZZ was launched in May 2011 as a half-day conference preceding Capital Connection in response to the growing impact start-ups and seed-stage companies are having in recent years on the investment ecosystem overall. MAVA is dedicated to continuing to foster and celebrate this vital area of our membership by bringing together investors and entrepreneurs in a dynamic and meaningful format.

TechBUZZ shines a well-deserved light on the visionary innovators and company-builders in our region who are actively developing their concepts, testing their beta or prototype products and services and pursuing a path toward market entry.

  • Applications to present at TechBUZZ Spring 2014 are now OPEN. Applications will be accepted for consideration until Midnight on Sunday, March 2nd. 
  • It's free (and easy) to "throw your hat in the ring" - investor review guaranteed
  • Extraordinary visibility & market launch for all presenters - this could be your Big Break!