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Tysons Corner-based expands online identification network


TroopSwap. Troop ID.

The ever-changing name of the Tysons Corner company co-founded by Blake Hall and Matthew Thompson provides a visible reminder of how the start-up has evolved and expanded its focus since being formed more than three years ago.

The latest incarnation, called, launched last week. It provides an online network where people can upload credentials that identify them as members of particular groups, such as veterans, students or first responders.

Retailers then use those credentials to extend services and benefits, such as price discounts, to groups of people who qualify for them. Traditionally, such perks have required people to present identification in-store.

“If you were to open up your wallet, you’re going to have a driver’s license, military ID card, AAA membership,” Hall said. “It’s really important that it’s just like it is in the offline world.”

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