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Former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Latest Game Changer To Speak at Mega Technology Conference

MAVA announced that nationally-regarded cybersecurity expert Jane Holl Lute has been added to the speaking lineup at the upcoming Capital Connection 2013 conference. Until May, Lute served as Deputy Secretary for the US Department of Homeland Security with responsibilities for formulating the DHS position on cybersecurity. At DHS, Lute advocated for a greater role for private industry in finding solutions to cyber challenges. As such, she has been at the epicenter of this expanded debate in helping to define the role of government in securing the internet, having said “We want to build the most secure cyber-economy on Earth.”

As a featured speaker on the Capital Connection program, Lute joins three growth company CEOs in education technology, mobility and healthcare IT as a Game Changer, each focused on an exponentially growing sector of technology and the opportunities to reshape thinking and the consumer and enterprise experiences.

Capital Connection 2013 takes place June 5-6 at the Mead Center for American Theater, Home to Arena Stage, in Washington, DC. The mega conference showcases technologies at all stages of development. This year’s focus on education, mobility, health IT and cybersecurity, seeks to highlight sectors which are growing globally and have particular significance for the core East Coast audience of attendees.

“While Capital Connection and our speakers draw attendees from around the country, and even the world, we would not be serving our audience well if we didn’t tap the deep well of expertise in our own backyard in sectors such as cybersecurity” said Julia Spicer, Executive Director of MAVA (Mid-Atlantic Venture Association). “Jane Holl Lute’s work at the US Department of Homeland Security, as well as her experience at the United Nations, puts her squarely at the knowledge center of one of the most important policy decisions of our time - that of domestic and international internet security - with far-reaching ramifications ranging from geopolitical implications to global commerce to national security.  Her unique expertise and work has made her one of the world’s most authoritative voices and allows her to share insights into the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, particularly through an international lens.”

As the second-ranking official at the US Department of Homeland Security, Lute championed a civilian-controlled Internet. She previously served as United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support and also was Executive VP and COO of the United Nations Foundation and Better World Fund. Her decades-long experience in international and national security includes serving on the National Security Council under President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton.

Capital Connection™ is open to the public and will feature a wide range of technology sectors, reflecting the variety of deep expertise and sector diversity in the greater Mid-Atlantic region. The agenda for the 1 ½ day conference for high growth companies includes presentations from more than a dozen growth and later stage companies on the Main Stage, as well as TechBUZZ start-up presentations and networking opportunities throughout the program.