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Edtech Startup Abandons the Big Apple for a Brighter Future in Baltimore


Following in Citelighter's footsteps, edtech startup Three Ring has announced plans to move its headquarters from New York to Baltimore.

A company providing students and teachers with a way to digitize student work quickly and easily, Three Ring has not yet unveiled where it will set up shop, but according to a press release, the six-person startup wants to "be closer to Maryland's schools and districts where its mobile application has been adopted."

Their rationale makes sense, too, for as of April 2012 Three Ring was already in the hands of just about 2,000 teachers in New York, Delaware and, as expected, Maryland. Educators from the Baltimore-area quickly adapted to the new app tool that allowed them to snap pictures or videos of student work to ensure crumpled assignments wouldn't lose their value at the bottom of a backpack.

Maryland has especially been key to the company's success, 
says Three Ring chief education officer and cofounder Steve Silvius, now that approximately 35,000 teachers statewide currently use Three Ring's app – a huge jump from that 2012 statistic.

“For an education company like ours, being located at the center of Baltimore’s growing edtech ecosystem connects our team with top-tier collaborators and forward-looking school systems poised to integrate new technologies that help students learn," he added. Silvius clearly sees many advantages to joining the Baltimore scene.

To date, Three Ring has $1 million in equity funding, which it finished raising in November 2013. Baltimore noted that Three Ring is going after another 
$500,000 in equity founding, according to SEC filings.

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