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Fitnet raises $1.4M for its instructional video fitness app


Instructional video fitness app maker Fitnet raised $1.4 million from Valleys’ Ventures and CIT Gap Funds for its fitness app, Fitnet. Before this funding round, Fitnet was awarded a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation and with some startup capital from the founder, the company’s total funding to date is just under $2 million.

Fitnet’s iOS apps offers users guided workouts that range from cardio and strength training to yoga classes. All classes are five minutes and when the workout is completed users can choose another workout or select the three-minute cool down option.

“The core experience for Fitnet is a virtual studio where the camera watches you workout and grades you in real time, it uses computer vision algorithms to watch your movements and compares it to the human trainer,” Bob Summers, Fitnet founder and “chief geek” told MobiHealthNews. “The score is what makes it really unique compared to other types of video fitness applications. Right now it starts with a sensor that everyone has on their mobile devices, which is a camera. You can turn this camera into a biometric sensor, essentially watching a person do physical activity.”

During the workout, the app shows users how close their movements are to the trainer’s and after the workout, users are given a score based on how well they did. While the company refers to the camera as a “biometric sensor”, it doesn’t actually sense any of the user’s biometrics. The app costs $0.99 per month for a full-access membership.

Fitnet will use the funds to add more developers to its team of six, expand its library of workouts, and add integration with fitness devices such as Jawbone and Fitbit. The fitness devices will add supplementary information to Fitnet’s algorithms so that the program can more accurately gauge if the user is doing the workout properly.

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