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Booker Named Finalist in NYC's Prestigious H.E.L.M. Award


Booker (formerly GramercyOne), a service management platform (SMP) that unifies operations and automated marketing on a single cloud-based system, has been named one of 20 finalists in the "Take the H.E.L.M." competition.

"Take the H.E.L.M." – short for Hire + Expand in Lower Manhattan - was launched to help attract critical high-growth industries to the area, and ensure Lower Manhattan remains a global center of innovative business. The competition rewards companies who are: bringing the best and brightest employees to the area, diversifying the economic base by complementing the financial sector, and re-branding Lower Manhattan as a hub poised for growth. Booker achieved each of these goals, and in 2012 the company more than tripled its headcount, achieved triple-digit revenue growth for the fourth consecutive year, and doubled its footprint in its Lower Manhattan headquarters.

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