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Centrifuge Recognized as a "Cool Vendor" for Big Data Analytics


Centrifuge Systems today announced it has been selected by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in the respected analyst firm's annual report on Security Intelligence Vendors for 2013* that recognizes innovative and disruptive technology solutions in big-data analytics, particularly those that provide “contextual analysis of security intelligence across silos”.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Gartner”, said Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Centrifuge Systems. “Our technology combines cutting edge, patent-pending visual rendering techniques along with sophisticated link-analysis features that have been honed over a decade of experience helping analysts solve some of the most important Government and Fraud problems. We see visual analytics as more than compelling illustrations, and as an entire discipline in pattern-based discovery. Analysts can start visualizing large discrete datasets right away without the need for pre-integration. And distill complex patterns into specific relationships that could signify fraud, security threats, collusion or other violation. The more complex the problem, the more relevant our link-analysis capabilities become.”

The Centrifuge suite can be deployed in hours at low cost for small groups and use-cases, and be easily scaled to support large-scale user growth, data volumes or multiple use cases. “One of our key differentiators,” says Ganeshan, “is that the platform has been built from the ground up to be browser-based, dramatically simplifying administration, scaling and data security.”

Centrifuge v2.9 is available now for a broad range of national security and commercial applications. Version 3.0 is scheduled for general availability in Q2 2013 and will provide an entirely new HTML5 interface, enhanced charting capabilities and numerous advances in analytics and intelligence.

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